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Precision Manufacturing

If you would like to partner with Ptak on a custom project, please begin the process by filling out the linked form, and hitting submit!  A  P-TAK team member will contact you with any questions, and we can develop a price quote.  We understand that all jobs are important, but we ask for your patience as delivery takes usually between 2-3 weeks.  Jewelry which is being manufactured for the first time, takes a little bit longer to get through the different stages of production.  That being said, we will work hard to meet all of your expectations, and that includes, delivery, price, and quality!


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Step 1.

The process begins with an initial consultation to determine what type of custom design your customer has in mind. In many cases the customer already has a rough sketch or picture as a guide. Based on this preliminary discussion we will provide an estimate to manufacture this unique piece of jewelry.  We encourage you to start the process by filling in the linked form.

Step 3.

The Build or printing phase of the model is completed using Computer Aided Machining (CAM). After all modifications have been approved, we employ our state of the art Solidscape printers to produce the wax, which was approved in the final proof.

Step 5.

Entails cleaning and prepolishing the casting for setting. Our diamond setters will set each stone with precise attention to detail. Our polishers will then meticulously clean and polish the piece. Before we ship, the finished product it will be thoroughly inspected for quality and accuracy.


Step 2.

With the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, our model makers will generate digital renderings of the style. These proofs will be e-mailed to you for comments. If changes are required, we will modify the file, and provide a new proof for approval. This procedure allows your client to be part of the design process and ensures complete satisfaction.

Step 4.

Is the casting of the CAD/CAM wax into the metal of choice. Our printers use a special wax that burns out cleanly and easily, - No extra steps are necessary to produce a high quality casting.

Price List*

Computer Aided Design (CAD): $300 - $500 Computer Aided Milling (CAM) $12/HR Metal Charge:- call for pricing Setting and Polishing: Variable Computer Generated Photography: $75 - (4 views)
Prototyping: $75-$250

If you choose to have Ptak prototype your model we will supply you with a rubber mold, silver/Cl sample, and a spured model.

Casting Service: Ptak will supply you with high quality castings of your models. For convenience and expedited delivery, Ptak offers free mold storage!

*Prices are subject to change